Breakfast Meeting at APLF - Dubai

Sign up for the Breakfast Meeting. This year the APLF Leather Fair will be held from March 13th – 15th 2023 in the World Trade Centre in Dubai.

Building Trust With Consumers

Building trust with consumers and understanding what they want to know.

Design-A-Bag competition 2023

Design-A-Bag (DAB) competition 2023 with the theme Modern and Classic. Design a modern bag with genuine leather that becomes classic and iconic in the future.

The story behind the glove

How one baseball glove came to represent its owners teenage years.

SLAY: a balanced view

Do you have questions about the film Slay?

Leather UK launches swing tag initiative

A ‘Leather for Life’ tag will be available to all UK leather and leathergoods manufacturers.

How leather was life changing for D.e.n.i_C

Leather was life-changing for Deni: it makes you visible, seen, heard and respected.

Marai: Our products tell a story...

“More than a new line of bags: Our products tell a story.”

Christmas makes from Leather Naturally

Transform leather scraps into your own handcrafted Christmas ornaments. 


The International Leather Industry calls on COP27 to recognize the role that natural materials such as leather, have in addressing the challenges of climate change.

Textile Exchange adopting the term leather

In the November news - The Textile Exchange has released the definition of "leather".

Real Leather. Stay Different. Crowns Winner

International Student Design Competition Crowns Winner


Read the point of view of OWNEVER's CEO Eliana Barros. She shares with us their stand for ethical production using leather design as a canvas for a gender equality statement.

Interview: Helen Kirkum

Working with discarded sneakers you get a variety of leathers, suedes, and synthetics to work with, which can be difficult as everything has different thicknesses and stretches.

IULTCS Young Leather Scientist Grant Programme 2023 Announced

The Executive Committee of the IULTCS is pleased to announce the 2023 grants to be awarded to three young scientists.

Meet the first female leather professor

Meet the first female leather professor Prof. Dr. Eser Eke Bayramoglu.

Modest Vintage Player

Modest vintage player is crafting beautiful and practical sports & recreation goods from fine leathers.

Real Leather. Stay Different.

Leather and Hide Council of America partners with the African Leather and Leather Products Institute to launch Real Leather. Stay Different. African Talent Leather Design Showcase 2023 (RLSD African Showcase ’23


Gärsnäs is a brand that has been around for 127 years and still manages to bring innovation to the table.


When you speak about VOLTA ATELIER: sustainability, social justice, refugees, social vulnerability, leather scraps, leather handbags, NGO are the incredible mix of words that come to mind.

Duke + Dexter leather sneakers - built for the stroll

Besides the handmade shoes Duke & Dexter has a customisation service 10F1. Make your shoes personal.

In practice - leather as part of a circular economy

How a local partnership transformed waste into beautful and long-lasting product.

The Chicago Leather School

<em>"I have made over 10,000 pairs of shoes for customers since 1974."</em>

Slow fashion challenge for international design competition

The Real Leather. Stay Different search for new design talent is now on.

Cervo Volante

In spring 2017, Kadri Vunder Fontana, a chemist and experienced business woman, and Conny Thiel-Egenter, a biologist and passionate hunter, founded Cervo Volante with the aim of producing something valuable from hunting waste and processing the leather into fine products.

Finalist Announced Design-A-Bag-Competition

Three finalists of the Design-A-Bag-Competition 2022 Revealed!

The difference between synthetic and real leather

Real leather (leather) is a by-product of the meat industry. It is a natural, renewable material upcycled from the hides and skins that would otherwise go to waste in landfill

BMW Group joins Leather Working Group – for responsible and sustainable leather sourcing

Leather Working Group has announced that BMW has become the second car manufacturer worldwide to join.

Leather & the Consumer

New research uncovers the consumer understanding of leather and its place in a society committed to making better choices for the environment.

Portugal legislates for leather

Country puts protection from misleading terminology in place

Design-A-Bag competition 2022

Design-A-Bag (DAB) competition 2022 is the only bag designing event of its kind for designers and design students all over the world.

What’s different about leather for automotive?

The leather seat in your car is not the same as your leather shoe , One4Leather explains why not…

Leather and the custom car interior

One4Leather on the benefits of leather in achieving the custom finish of your dreams.

Regenerative Leather: when recycle becomes renew and restore 

Steve Sothmann of Real Leather, Stay Different looks at the advantages of brands investing in regenerative leather.

Puma: no time for waste

PUMA pilots testing for a biodegradable RE:SUEDE version of its most iconic sneaker.

Anya Hindmarch launches Return to Nature Collection

Challenged by the idea of a zero-waste future, and looking to nature for inspiration, Return To Nature is the result of two years of research and innovation.

Leather offers lifetime performance for your car seats

The way we use our cars is changing - leather should be along for the ride.

Get access to METCHA FORWARD, a trend report to inspire and inform

METCHA’s new initiative compiles leather-oriented trends for the near future covering all major industry areas of concern in an exclusive report.


PALAPA takes its name from the Spanish word referred to a shelter roof made of dried palm leaves. The most common place to see a palapa is in Mexico’s tropics.

ECCO debuts innovative bags and accessories concept

ECCO Leather Goods is a new bags and accessories concept that includes pieces made with the DriTan technology, which reduces water consumption.

COP26 Our Materials Impact Our Climate

The leather industry calls on COP26 to prioritise natural materials

The truth about leather in cars

It’s time to tackle the misinformation that’s out there about the use of leather in cars

Il Bisonte

Why are the bags & accessories of Il Bisonte so revolutionary? Read the remarkable story of this artisan company situated in the heart of Florence.

IULTCS Young Leather Scientist Grant Programme 2022 Announced

The Executive Committee of the IULTCS has announced that applications for the 2022 grants to be awarded to two young scientists  under the age of 35 are now being accepted.

Nike’s Jordan brand Retro Collection demonstrates the versatility of leather

Nike has released a preview of the Jordan brand Holiday 21 collection and it’s everything you want.

Daniel Essa

Daniel Essa had to leave Syria and became a refugee. He went to France, built up his own sneaker brand and is now selling his shoes all over the world. 

Bentley becomes first automative member of Leather Working group

<p>Bentley leads the way for responsible leather use in the automotive supply chain</p>

Debunking the methane myth

A new animation from Meat & Livestock Australia presents a clear explanation of the carbon cycle.

Sneakerhead Dreams

Nicola Davies searches out the best sneaker customisers in London

Sotheby’s auction iconic track shoes

As the Olympics open on 23rd July 2021, so does bidding on a pair of rare prototype Nike track shoes.

Leather UK launches online showcase

An online magazine that will inspire and inform about the exciting leather makers and creators working in the UK today.

Coach Forever

Coach is a brand long associated with premium leather and now its Upwoven bags are an exciting concept on the journey to zero waste.<br />  

We need to stop the waste

The Leather and Hide Council of America has published a powerful fact sheet that makes clear the waste impact of letting hides go to waste

Are animals killed for leather?

No, hides come from animals raised for food. This accounts for 99% of the world’s leather. 

What is vegan leather? 

Vegan leather (sic) does not exist. It is a marketing term used to describe materials, (or leather imitations) that are often plastic or derived from finite fossil-fuel.

Waste not, want not - habits of previous generations can shape our future.

Outdoor brands have been adopting a repair and reuse mindset for some years- now that luxury brands are taking notice has it gone mainstream?

Feature Porsche Boxster – 25th Anniversary

 A brand new car still has an unprecedented magic. Especially if the car has a leather interior.<br />  

Bonded Leather – What You Need to Know About Bonded Leather

<p>Bonded leather (also called "reconstituted leather") is a material made with leather fibers and binders. </p>

Why we all want hiking boots now

It’s accessible, enjoyable and great exercise – so make sure you’re kitted out for walking with the right boots for the job.<br />  

Interview: Brave Soles

Founded in 2017 by Christal Earle, we are focused on creating fashion with upcycled materials and ethical, small scale production. Our handcrafted shoes have up-cycled tire soles and all accessories are hand crafted from reclaimed leather from aircraft seats and other sources. 

Design-A-Bag (DAB) online competition

Design-A-Bag (DAB) online competition is the only bag designing event<br /> of its kind for designers and design students all over the world.

Interview: Eva Barbara Bongard & Vesile Yilmaz

Vesile Yilmaz is a traditional Ebru artist from Turkey, based in Wisconsin. Vesile describes Ebru as an art that is mesmerizing, meditative and meaningful that allows you to create mind blowing patterns with one drop of paint at a time!

Use it or lose it: the UK leather specialists turning waste into worth

By Stephen Sothmann, <a href="https://chooserealleather.com/">Real Leather. Stay Different.</a> - a campaign to promote the sustainable qualities of leather and champion slow style over fast fashion.

Interview: WaiWai

Thoughtful jewelry and home decor pieces carefully handcrafted exclusively from leather scraps.

Interview: GREYDER LAB

Two years ago, the shoe brand GREYDER L A B was founded to make the world a little better with a product that almost everyone uses every day: shoes. 

Billy Tannery

Billy Tannery has partnered with Savernake Knives to create beautiful knife handles from leather waste.

Interview - Lederhaus

Lederhaus is an online leather goods retailer. Their products are expertly crafted by a master artisan in Toronto, Canada.<br />  

Is leather sustainable?

<p>Yes! If sustainable means converting materials that would be otherwise thrown away to make the products we use to live, keeping things for a long time, repairing them when we need to, passing them on to someone else to use after us and, eventually, recycling the product as many times as possible… Leather is most certainly sustainable</p>

Is leather environmentally friendly?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. Leather is a highly versatile, widely used material and there are a number of elements in its manufacture that contribute to its environmental credentials. 

Interview - Lake Cycling

Lake Cycling is renowned for the fit and performance of its cycling shoes. Leather Naturally caught up with them to learn more about two new models just launched and the part that leather plays in helping them fulfil a mission to create the most innovative performance cycling shoes.

Interview - Our Choice Fashion

Filip and Marcus wanted to create something truly circular, something recyclable and biodegradable as well as 100% plastic free.

The Boot Institute

This is a story of two modern independent women, who share the same vision and came together to make their dream come true.

Leather goods repair is a smart and sustainable approach to luxury

Company The Cobbler has taken this line since the beginning - we asked them about their history and why leather is important to them. 

What is leather made of and where does it come from?

Leather is made from the hides of animals, treated and finished to create a durable product suitable for a huge range of uses.

Promote your leather course. Increase your knowledge about leather. Leather Naturally can help.

Leather Naturally invites all companies, (small & large) to promote their leather courses, online or in person

Tricker’s - traditional English footwear, made to last

A family - owned business since 1829, Tricker’s footwear is recognised around the world for its quality and quintessentially English style.

Classic designs in leather endure

Launched in 1955, the Chanel 2.55 bag with its signature quilted leather, went on to become an iconic style and one of the most recognisable bag in the world.

Student Leather Competition Enters Final Stage

The competition, organized by LHCA in partnership with China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), has attracted more than 500 entries from students from 7 selected mainland China universities.

SJP admits her shoe obsession is real

Ahead of the new SATC spin off, Sarah Jessica Parker talks shoes and of “becoming intoxicated by the smell of the fresh leather.”

A Guide to Buying Vintage Leather

Well made leather lasts a long time and unlike most man-made, or synthetic materials it gets better with age, acquiring a depth of patina and wear pattern that is individual to the user - much like a favourite pair of jeans.

Louis Vuitton CEO Michael Burke has called for a return to the original values of luxury.

Sustainability, navigating the supply chain and the Louis Vuitton approach to acting local are covered in the interview.

Responsibly made leather at the heart of sell-out new footwear

D2C brand Amberjack has a waitlist of 10,000 for its new hybrid shoe.

The Serapian family redesigned the interior of this car with their Mosaico leathercraft signature.

Not just a car, no The Lancia Dilambda Cabriolet Carlton BS

Tradition and ambition come together in Design Challenge

The Design Challenge has been launched with the objective of creating high-end fashion shoes with an emphasis on the sustainability.

How to Choose a Leather Jacket That You'll Keep Forever?

We all need to invest in a more sustainable wardrobe for the future, but where to start?

Gen-Z will accelerate Millennial Trends

<p>Gen-Z doesn’t regard luxury in terms of brands, but unique items that express individuality.</p>

What is the future of Leather?

Listen to creative and founder of Bill Amberg Studio, Bill Amberg speak on the subject.

Jeff Hamilton – founder of Guess Jeans

Jeff jumped from denim to leather, his passion

New online training course

The globally renowned University of Northampton has launched a 12 week online training course

Buy less, Buy better, Buy leather

<p>Berlin Department store to sell only pre-owned goods.</p>

Leather and motorcycles are extensions of each other

Passionate about motorcycles and their synergy with leather. 

Trend alert

Leather is an enduring trend - what better example than the 90s style leather dresses and coats making a comeback this Fall?

How to stretch your leather?

Leather has long lasting comfort and shoes, jackets - even a wallet carried in the pocket will mould to the individual wearer.

Make your own sneakers!

Ever wanted to make your own sneakers? Learn how with The Shoe Surgoen School.

3 reasons why Louis Vuitton uses leather

Cristal clear why Vuitton uses leather. Read the 3 reasons of CEO - Michael Burke

Leather Industry Calls for Higg Index Review

Leather Naturally is one of the co-signatories requesting that the Higg index MSI score for leather be suspended pending review of the underlying methodologies and data.

’The European Commission is being called on to regulate the use of the term leather.

’The European Commission is being called on to regulate the use of the term leather'. Why? Because consumers are confused.

Hermès | Watch the love for their products and their sustainability

Leather Naturally believe in buy less, buy better, buy leather. In the world of mass production Hermès strives to add value and quality to products such as their bags that are worth keeping for life and repair them when necessary. 

You are a vegetarian and produce Leather, is that a contradiction?

An interview with vegetarian Ana Maria Vasconcelos of the company Belcinto in which she explains why she sees no contradiction in using leather and looking at how they create sustainable products that last a lifetime.

Webinar - Leather Learning of April 14th

Have you missed Part 1 of the webinar "Leather Learning", that was arranged by the Textile Exchange, no worries. It is recorded. 

Fiat 500 gets a sexy Armani makeover with leather

The Fiat 500 just got a very special makeover which includes an amazing leather and wood interior.

The Restory

One of the most enduring of all leather qualities is its longevity, it ages beautifully and well-made products can pass from generation to generation. 

Peterson & Stoop

Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop are the names behind the brand Peterson & Stoop - a duo that is taking a pioneering and sustainable approach to footwear production and design.

Longchamp CEO defends name “leather”

International Leather Maker published from the French magazine Madame Figaro an interview with Jean Cassegrain, grandson of Longchamp’s founder and General Manager of the company, said he refutes ‘greenwashing’ and there is no such thing as ‘vegan leather’.

Nobody passes on their t-shirt to their grandchildren..

Slightly Alabama designs and manufactures limited quantity leather goods in West Village, NY. Metcha interviewed Creative Director, Dana Glaeser about making what he loves, and where he finds inspiration.

LVMH: Luxury & sustainability go hand in hand

LVMH has published LIFE2020: Four objectives towards environmental excellence as part of its ongoing programme of embedding sustainable development throughout the business.

Don't fabricate an attack on leather

The article published in the Guardian blaming leather for fuelling Amazon fires has attracted criticism for its inaccuracies. In the interests of transparency Leather Naturally reproduces below the response from founder member Dr Michael Redwood in which he expresses his concern that a misinformed public will be driven to choosing materials derived from fossil fuels.

New automotive leather resource

The new One 4 Leather website has launched and in the words of the organisation, sets out to provide transparent information about leather as a material of choice in vehicles. 

Leather Rail Seats Save Money, Add Value

Scottish leather company Muirhead has released a video detailing its recent refurbishment project with Irish Rail. Thought to be the largest project of its type, 234 carriages and 15,500 seats were refurbished with leather.

Fashion industry needs to stop vilifying leather

Having recently joined the ILM team and the leather industry from the fashion and retail sector, where I was Editor of a leading b2b magazine, I have been eager to learn about the leather trade, including the challenges it faces and opportunities ahead. It’s quite apparent that there are many parallels between the key issues in both sectors. 

How I was fooled by synthetic leather

Leather Naturally Chair, Egbert Dikkers thought he was making a sustainable choice when he opted for an electric car with leather interior. So why was his car delivered with plastic seats? 


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