Curtiduria Tungurahua S.A.

We are an Ecuadorian enterprise with more than 80 years of experience working with what moves and passionates our family; leather.

We count on the latest technology among our processes, which has led us to build a strong relationship with our stakeholders throughout the years, allowing us to be at worldwide markets.

Being main providers of several firms throughout the world, CTU gets strength mainly supported on our people whose passion for leather becomes a positive energy to battle along with the best technology available against every anti sustainable product in markets such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Rusian, Central American, United States of America and others where our product have presence for quality and service.
We transform and commercialize leather to deliver consistency to our clients looking for their satisfaction
We are responsible and compromised with the needs of our environment, work on our processes to get continuous development and evaluations on every means.
We offer products developed with high ecological standard, looking for environment sustainability, economical viability and social justice, as the real purpose of our being.  
Respect and loyalty to our people as our main value, we are proud to be part of this ancestral responsibility in our community and country.
We are in the process of ISO 9001: 2015, LWG and other national certifications.



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