Duke & Sons Leather

The handmade leather products from Duke & Sons Leather are inspired by heritage brands with authentic characteristics, which have been making the same quality products for decades without making any sacrifices to quality and material.

Duke & Sons Leather

The art of Craftmanship

Often these products are still made by hand or on the same machinery that has been used since the early twenties. Duke & Sons Leather makes quality products which will last a lifetime.

Jan den Hartogh, owner of Duke & Sons: "As a designer who has been used to work the whole day behind a screen, I realized I was missing something important in my life and that was the opportunity to do something with my hands.

I’m a fan of the amazing atmosphere of heritage goods and brands. I love the fact that many of these companies still make the same quality goods and stick to their origins. Inspired by a real craftsman, I decided to learn the skills myself and just by ‘learning by doing’ I have managed to teach myself the making of quality leather goods.

I work most of the time with natural ‘vegitan’ leather and have developed my own coloring which gives my products a great vintage and heritage look."


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