Alexandros Vasdekis

My name is Alexandros Vasdekis and I am a women’s footwear designer, and a nature enthusiast ever since I was little!

Alexandros Vasdekis

At the age of 14, after seeing a pair of Manolos on the big screen, I was enchanted by their beauty and elegance, and I therefore started designing during my spare time as a hobby women’s footwear.

‚ÄčA few years later, after graduating with a biology degree, I decided to pursue my other great passion and make my dream into a reality, that of becoming a footwear designer. I turn to nature and animals as my biggest sources of creative inspiration, and through my designs I create stories and raise awareness about the unknowns of biology.

As a women’s footwear designer, I have designed collections for brands in Milan, Naples, London and Athens. In Milan I was selected amongst design students of 2018 from Arsutoria school, to develop a collection from concept to final product and present it at the Fashion Graduate Italia Fashion Show, whereas in London I completed a footwear designer internship at Kat Maconie where I worked on the creation and designing of the SS 2020 collection.


In Athens I designed the AW 2020 collection for a Greek brand, and in Naples I was the women’s footwear designer for Mario Valentino, and worked on the development of the SS21 collection. I also create one of a kind luxury custom-made shoes for clients according to their desires and needs, taking into consideration their feet’s unique characteristics and measurements. Within the past couple of years, I have also participated at 5 international footwear design competitions, 3 of which I won, and 2 where I was a finalist. 

Leather is a such unique material that combines various attributes and is extremely malleable. It is an very transformable material, and with the right applications one can achieve different appearances. Leather is always my first choice when designing a collection, and I prefer to use it as it is soft and strong at the same time, and it gives a shoe a very elegant and timeless look. I also enjoy using leather as it is very durable and can be sustain for a very long time. 

My mission is to create sustainable footwear. 



My future plans include working as a women’s footwear designer for other fashion brands, and create sustainable collections that can raise awareness in different ways about the severity of ecological issues our planet is currently facing, in order for us to become part of the change.

Facebook: Alexandros Vasdekis
Instagram: alexandros_vasdekis
Linkedin: Alexandros Vasdekis



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