Hide & Skins 

Nick Winters

Nick Winters Hides & Skins was established in 1992 by founder and Managing Director Mr. Nick Winters.

The Leading supplier of Quality European hides and skins.

Nick Winters Group is a leading supplier of quality European Hides & Skins
since 1992. With operations in France, Ireland, Italy and the UK, we service the most demanding tanneries worldwide.
Since 2019, we are part of BIGARD Group,the largest European beef processor (28,000 bovine, 4,500 calf, 90 000 pigs and 15,000 lambs weekly).
The group has recently acquired a modern wetblue tannery in France to process up to 600 tonnes per week.
Nick Winters Group operates another division specialising in the export of chilled and frozen beef, lamb and pork. This includes variety meats and animal by-products to worldwide food and bio-technology industries.


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