China Leather Industrial Association

China Leather Industrial Association (CLIA) is a national trans-regional and cross-sectoral organization.

CLIA is related to leather, footwear, leather garments, leather goods, fur and fur products, leather chemicals, leather machinery, leather hardware and other relative sectors.

Founded in 1988,with more than 1400 members, China Leather Industrial Association (CLIA) is a national trans-regional and cross-sectoral organization related to leather,footwear,leather garments,leather goods,fur and fur products, leather chemicals, leather machinery,leather hardware and other relative sectors. The members of CLIA consists of enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes,trading agencies and individuals. CLIA was elected as "National 5A Association" and "National Advanced Association" by Ministry of Civil Affairs,"National Advanced Collectives of Light Industry" by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Light Industry Council.
As a bridge connecting the government and its member enterprises, CLIA's objective is to: implement national policies and regulations; complete work entrusted by the government; reflect enterprise requests and intentions, and promote a healthy and stable development of the whole industry. CLIA is engaged in a range of productive work in the following areas: market research; work out industrial development plans; industrial standard examination and approval; implement a brand strategy, cultivate Special leather industrial zones and advocate scientific and technological progress.
Some other areas that CLIA is involved in are: organize technical training,leather exhibitions and brand shows; help enterprises to improve industrial market strategy at home and abroad; host industry publications website, provide information and advisory services; conduct intellectual property rights, establish regulations and agreements;industrial safety work,give safety warnings; participate in international exchanges,and promote international cooperation.
In the famous Chinese poetry book“The Book of Poetry” ,it is said that: “like the Sun on the rise,like the moon waxing to full size,Like the Southern Hill that is divine, you shall never fail or decline” .Today, China’ s Leather industry is in the same situation of being an eternally rising industry in a state of prosperity and development.To realize the goal of transforming China from a large nation to a power nation in leather industry,CLIA is working hard on scientific and technological development, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading,self innovation and modern industrialization to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of China’ s leather industry.




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