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AI Topper

AI Topper is founded in 1954. AI Topper operates today as a third generation family business and has grown to become one of the most respected Australian producers, processors and exporters of raw, semi-processed and finished hides, skins and leather. 

A combination of experience and continual investment in the most advanced technologies guarantees an unmatched expertise in all facets of supply and a thorough understanding of customers’ requirements.

By integrating a wide network of contacts across Australia and throughout the world, the AI Topper Group is able to provide their customers with a comprehensive source of a
range of Hides, Skins and Leathers.
To optimise the natural advantages of Australia’s varied natural environment, AI Topper has established and operates processing plants in all the major Hide and Skin producing regions, ensuring customers are able to access a diverse material base in consistent and steady supply.
In its appreciation of customers’ needs for complete service across a range of product lines, AI Topper operates dedicated facilities which specialise in each of the following –
- Brinecured Cattle Hides
- Wetblue Cattle Hides
- Wetblue Splits
- Pickle/Wetblue Hide Grains
- Kangaroo Skins and Finished Leathers
- Deerskins
- Goatskins
Stringent controls over all aspects of the production process enables AI Topper to maintain consistently high quality levels as well as to remain responsive to customer needs and fluctuating demands.
AI Topper’s focus on quality and reliability also extends to their production of Kangaroo Skins and Finished Leathers. Kangaroo Leather is the strongest and lightest leather substrate available. Combining this unique raw material source together with tannages and finishes engineered to enhance the natural charactersitics of Kangaroo skin make this the leather of choice for sports and other high stress applications. This includies soccer/football shoes, dress shoes, high performance garment and gloving as wel as fashion applications.


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