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World Leather Day 2023 announced after success at APLF launch

Release date: 4/11/2022

World Leather Day 2023 is officially announced after uniting organizations across the leather industry to positively promote leather during the social media communications event on March 30, 2022. 

World Leather Day 2022 was a joint initiative between Leather Working Group(LWG) and Leather Naturally (LN) and its aim was to engage the industry to celebrate the positive attributes of leather. Leather is a circular material, a by-product of the meat industry and it is one of the original bio-based, durable materials.  

Participating in World Leather Day 2022 has given the industry an opportunity to showcase the material and take pride in its production and use, as well as give the industry a moment of good press. 

Launched on March 30 at APLF in Dubai, Christina Trautmann, Head of Leather Working Group, and Egbert Dikkers, Chair of the Leather Naturally Management Board introduced World Leather Day 2022 and spoke about the aims of the event that raises awareness of leather as a durable, versatile, and upcycled material.  

“Leather Working Group represents responsible leather sourcing. Our aim is to drive positive change and solidify leather’s position as a key strategic, sustainable material. This is what we celebrate on World Leather Day.” - Christina Trautmann, Head of Leather Working Group. 

The World Leather Day team is pleased with the results, uniting leather manufacturers, chemical suppliers, machinery suppliers, finished product manufacturers, industry associations, industry media, retailers, and schools to talk about the positive attributes of leather. The team sent out social media kits to over 70 organizations wanting to promote leather across the sector and influenced several independent social media posts about World Leather Day. Collectively, this shows there is a strong appetite from the industry to take ownership of communications to talk about leather.  

“World Leather Day will be a special day where the leather industry can demonstrate how it contributes to a circular society, where nothing is wasted, everything can be re-used and ultimately can be recycled.” – Egbert Dikkers, Chair of the Leather Naturally Management Board.?? 

Both LWG and LN also received positive engagement on their own social media channels for the communications event. 

Get involved with World Leather Day 2023 

From the success of this year’s event, World Leather Day 2023 will be taking place – a date to be announced. The World Leather Day team is looking for partners to help develop the 2023 communications program which will be designed to be wider-reaching across multiple channels. If your organization is interested in getting involved, please contact Debbie Burton at Leather Naturally, [email protected] 



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