Unique glove course

Unique glove course

Company called Moje Rukavice, organizes courses to make your own unique gloves right in the glove shop. 

Event Details

 How's the course going to be structured?

  •  Participants select hand-designed, embroidered and tailored leather glove style of their choice.
  •  Depending on the selection available on my site www.mojerukavice.cz , you choose the leather colour, the type of lining and measure your hand depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed.
  • You choose the type of gloves, or perforation, cross-sections, embroidery, elongation, buttons or decorations – all according to imagination, style and personal taste. 
  • During the course you will also learn about the history of glove making, materials used and working with them. Recommendations on the maintenance and treatment of gloves are an integral part.
  • We can also include the production of a simple pendant, talisman, bracelet or backpack or handbag ornament. We can use a professional Big Shot cutting plotter for everything. 
The course is designed for all those who like original handmade products and are willing to "to pull ones weight". Arrange with your friends, colleagues from work or school. Sewing your own gloves is addictive, and you may be surprised to see who in your neighborhood falls completely for this hobby.
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